Retail and Shopping Mall Construction

Retail companies are often under severe pressure to complete projects on compressed schedules with hard completion dates, often linked to advertising and merchandising programs. Retail and shopping malls companies also often require that renovations be made after hours with no interference to existing store operations.

B.R. Fries & Associates has worked under these particular conditions for 35 years. Our advanced experience with high quality national retail store companies combined with our state-of-the-art FriesWay Work Smart System enables B.R. Fries to consistently deliver high quality retail store, foodservice and shopping mall projects to great success.

Since 1979, B.R. Fries has worked with many of the world’s most successful retail organizations. We have built highly successful store projects for Target, Century 21, GAP, Home Depot, Talbot’s, Brooks Brothers and many others.

Retailers are also under significant budget pressures, with little tolerance for cost overruns. B.R. Fries understands that the project must be properly bid and then delivered for the bid price, without cutting corners or generating unexpected change orders. Delivering quality projects for the bid price is essential.

Working for retailers requires a construction company to be sensitive to many factors that other construction professionals never deal with. Store management and employees, mall management, nearby store customers/merchandise and other factors can be pitfalls to a non-retail contractor. Our direct experience in retail construction enables B.R. Fries to avoid these pitfalls.