Corporate / Commercial Office Construction

The New York City metropolitan region (according to Bloomberg Rankings) is the Number 1 global business center in the world. As the largest center for global business, New York City metro has more corporation and corporate facilities than anywhere else.

B.R. Fries has three decades of experience working with leading international companies and institutions with world headquarters and/or regional office facilities in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut. We have built substantial corporate facilities for companies in banking, finance, law, entertainment, media, sports, advertising, shipping, manufacturing and many other industries.

B.R. Fries knows how critical it is for us to understand our clients’ business objectives. We need to know how to contribute to our clients’ success as they develop and maintain their operations with office buildings, lobbies, executive offices, meeting rooms, A/V centers, training facilities, trading floors, data centers, conference centers, elevators, escalators, parking, transportation, foodservice and security facilities.

Corporate clients have very specific business objectives and brand requirements. As we work with their design team, we need to be able to contribute to the achievement of these business objectives. We are often called upon to find materials and construction solutions that enhance the corporate brand, provide sustainability, maximize company productivity, and help achieve recruiting goals.

Providing early cost and schedule feedback during the design process is usually important, as it helps our clients make important decisions about design alternatives and potential operational adjustments within the organization.