What sets B.R. Fries apart from
others is their personalized
service and “can do” spirit.

B.R. Fries not only delivered a high quality product on time and on budget, they also delivered creative solutions throughout the project that were truly impressive."

B.R. Fries and Associates LLC has 35+ years of commitment to delivering the highest quality construction services at the lowest possible cost. This is in large part due to its stable and proven team of talented project managers, superintendents, estimators and purchasing agents, supported by its highly experienced management team. Its formula for success has made B.R. Fries one of the New York Metropolitan area’s foremost construction companies, with long-term relationships with the leading academic, entertainment, financial, healthcare, manufacturing and retail organizations.


The company is known for its strict planning and construction processes, its proprietary FriesWay Work Smart construction management system , and its proven ability to effectively manage complex projects in challenging environments.


B.R. Fries & Associates has built a reputation for advanced technical skill, integrity, financial stability, accountability and social responsibility.